Being Christina

Being Christina is a visual dance explosion with classical ingredients and a modern touch. The story starts with the Young Queen Christina inheriting the Swedish Crown just 6 years old. Emotions, misdeeds, love and succés, all scenes are expressed in dance.

The locations are the original Castles, churches, audience Chambers, ballrooms and baroque gardens of the 17th century teenager. This young girl decides to change her life, faith and priviliges to gain adventure and freedom.

The choreographies, lead by renowned Hans Marklund and performed by the young dancers of BASE23, combines classical pointshoes with flat sneakers in an entrancing tempo and the challanges of the young queen are equal to the drama of all young souls.


BROADCASTER SVT, 2015, Sweden.

Producers: Fredrik Stattin, Jörgen Bodesand

Production: Nordisk Drama & Dokumentär AB

Type: Performing Arts

Length: 43 min


Prix Italia 2016 – Nominated for best TV Performing Arts

Golden Prague 2016 – Nominated for best Performing Arts

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